Design and implementation of a personal program to develop optimal health and fitness:

Understanding a simple - sound way of eating according to natural biological principles.

Practicing a powerful method of physical and psychological self-transformation:

TAI CHI – QI GONG. The ancient Chinese yoga of cultivation of Qi energy for the regeneration of internal organs, systems of functioning and overall strengthening and self-regeneration plus consciousness integration.

KETTLE-BELL TRAINING. The most effective Total Workout in an hour. First developed by the Russian-Soviet military for their special forces, now also standard in the US special forces. We infuse it with Qi Gong (internal martial art) for the ultimate workout. It does not get any better. Awesome results!

INTEGRAL CALISTHENICS – TOTAL WORKOUT CROSS TRAINING. A unique sequence of movements-exercises used by Olympic athletes particularly in gymnastics and track and field, but applicable to all sports. Designed to develop optimal levels of flexibility, strength and endurance.

ZEN OF SWIMMING. Finding the path of least resistance through the water, and sliding (moving) effortlessly through it. The simple mastery of technique (a unique sequence of movements in conjunction with optimal breathing processes) forms the core of this creative zen methodology of psychomotor learning: with less movement and effort we generate more speed. Swimming is the best all around exercise for optimal health.

Master level training applies to all levels: beginners through advanced.

Free initial (30 minutes) evaluation session required.

Individual and group sessions with Master Trainer: Dr. Michael Clarjen-Arconada.

Tel.: +1 305 926 9679 - michaeltca@gmail.com

                  Consultations can be held through Tel.  and/or  via FaceTime / WhatsApp / Facebook / Skype or similar platforms                                         +1 305 926 9679