The progressive accumulation of toxic elements in the human organism is reflected in part by the formation of encrusted materials on the walls of the intestines. These rubber-leather like materials of dark brown-grayish color impede the proper function of the intestines including the proper absorption-assimilation of nutrients, and generate a progressive toxification of circulatory-lymphatic systems along with interstitial / inter-cellular fluids (extra-cellular fluids). The natural removal of these rubber-leather materials through a GI-Regeneration Protocol (through self-regulated enemas and colonics) is an important factor in the equation of health. At the same time a carefully designed medicinal way of eating should be implemented to help discharge additional toxins and provide optimal nutrients for the organism, thus preventing the future formation of such pathological foci.

The progressive toxic contamination prevalent in modern human species is accompanied by increased parasitism. Parasites of all types (multi-cellular organisms, bacteria, viri) migrate and expand (tropism) in stages towards toxic sites (accumulations) in the organism, giving rise to multiple disorders and health problems. Among other pollution sources; water - toxic food and parasites are ingested on a regular basis, creating an optimal medium for their expansion. High levels of toxic metabolic waste are additionally accrued, increasing the overall toxicity and acidic medium where parasites thrive. The combination of a unique profile toxic elements and accompanying parasites constitute the basic etiological factors in all illnesses, including the formation of tumor nuclei and metastasis in cancer problems. Therefore, the design and implementation of non-invasive / nontoxic protocols (natural health methods) of Natural Biological Medicine in order to discharge progressively such toxic elements – parasites, constitute the primordial regeneration cycle in solving the equation of disease.

The Primordial Regeneration Cycle (PRC) [1 month] is formed by the following sequence: Parasite Removal Protocol (PRP) [7 days intensive] + Kidney-Liver Regeneration Protocol (K-LRP) [kidneys 21 days + Liver 2 days intensive]. The PRC continues ongoing month after month until the health problem is completely regenerated. Other Natural Biological Medicine interventions can be superimposed according to the characteristics and particular needs of each person. The PRC is based on a medicinal way of eating in order to obtain best results regenerating from illness and developing optimal levels of health. The assault of toxic elements in modern societies is so pervasive that it is recommended 2 PRC a year for optimal maintenance of health: 1 PRC in the Spring (around April - May) and another PRC in the Fall-Winter (around October – November).

The essential function of the immune system is to differentiate self from non-self and act accordingly in an optimal way to neutralize and remove non-self factors in the organism. The complexity of coordinated action by the immune system shows harmonious team work at its best. However, the collective ignorance of the modern human species in managing the natural resources available on planet earth has generated pervasive pollution of toxic elements. The degree of toxicity is such that we can now identify toxic metals, PCBs, benzene, synthetic dyes, malonic acid, fingus spores and mycotoxins, even wheelbearing grease and motor oil in the liver and kidneys. Furthermore, they can be identified in our white blood cells in their attempt to remove them. But after a ceertain level of intoxication they are paralized unable to perform their functions. They become south polarized , their membranes partially dissolved and coated (overwhelmed) with too much ferrite iron or nickel and other heavy metals that are south polarized. A number of Immune Regeneration Protocols (IRPs) can be designed and implemented along Natural Biologial Medicine Principles. But first, emphasis should be placed on removing the sources of immunity inhibitors, many of them coming through drinking chlorox bleach water.and their spraying in foods, toxic food additives, along with manufacturing process equipment sources, industrial disinfectants and food conveyor belts, among other sources.

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