Dr. Michael Clarjen-Arconada

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The author has over 30 years of experience in helping people to regenerate from illness, prevent disease and develop optimal levels of health and fitness. 

He is part of  an international group of scientists (ISIS - Institute for Science in Society) and along with other leading groups, it can be said that  they are on the cutting edge of independent research (not manipulated by Big Pharma Interests), and at this point in time it is fair to say that  the equation of cancer and organism degeneration has been solved.  

Such empowering statement means that we are able to regenerate from all forms of cancer, right in the privacy and comfort of the person"s home (no need of hospitals in this regard). We have developed the programs and protocols to be applied using non-invasive natural health methods  in Natural Biological Medicine (NBM). It also means that these programs and protocols along with additional methods of self-regeneration form the fundamental bases for the development of optimal health  and fitness. In few words, this means that we know how to discharge toxic elements and parasites from the human organism. The progressive  accumulation of toxic elements  over a life-time form the breeding terrain for all disease and degeneration. This toxic terrain (internal medium in the organism) attracts by tropism a group of parasites (complex organisms parasites, bacteria and viruses). Both toxic elements and parasites are the fundamental factors at the base of disease and  from which all illnesses are developed.

By discharging both the accumulated toxic elements and the accompanying parasites from the human organism we can regenerate from all forms of disease. This is accomplished through carefully designed and applied natural health methods (programs an protocols of NBM):  (a) regulation of food and liquid intake according to natural biological principles (Medicinal Way of Eating),  (b) Parasite Removal Protocol - Immune Regeneration Protocol, (c) Kidney - Liver Regeneration Protocol,  (d) Gastro-Intestinal Regeneration Protocol,  (e) Metal and Other Toxic Elements Discharge Protocol. 

Additional methods can be superimposed for Optimal Self-Regeneration Process: Primordial Regeneration Cycle (PRC) for the progressive regeneration of internal organs and systems of functioning in the human organism. 

In the Resolution of the Equation of Cancer and other Illnesses we have identified the following groups of factors: (1) Biological,  (2) Psychological and  (3) Spiritual. Biological factors interact indivisibly with psychological and spiritual factors enabling us to say that all disease (degeneration - regeneration in the human being) is psychosomatic. That is to say that biological factors cannot be separated from psychological and/or spiritual factors; and that there is only a relative predominance of any group in every illness / health problems. Therefore, identifying and addressing psychological and spiritual factors, and solving them though various natural health methods of NBM, is as important as solving biological factors. In our experience the use of various methods of of meditation, yoga practices, particularly Qi Gong (for its simplicity and power), have shown to be the best approach to to address and solve psychological and spiritual factors: in addition to helping resolve biological factors. These processes of Self-Regeneration from Cancer and other Illnesses  APPLY AS WELL FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF OPTIMAL HEALTH AND FITNESS, ALL THE WAY TO THE DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF NATURAL HEALTH METHODS FOR THE MANIFESTATION OF NATURAL BEAUTY FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

These methods of  SELF-REGENERATION OF INTERNAL ORGANS ANS SYSTEMS OF FUNCTIONING constitute the same methods (with minor additional modifications) for the development of optimal health and fitness, and the manifestation of natural beauty from within out. The careful design and application of these natural health methods with  thoroughness and precision-accuracy form the cutting-edge methodology for both the regeneration from Illness and the development of optimal health and fitness; all the way to the manifestation of natural beauty from the inside out. 

This continuum of ongoing cutting-edge research in NBM produces the attainment of the highest quality of health-spa programs and services, which imprints this establishment with such optimal quality and makes it a most desirable destination in the Northeastern part of the US. Moreover, this highest quality imprint (NBM) will identify and separate this establishment from the rest of the competition, and maintain its high status over the rest of competitors.

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