Dr. Clarjen-Arconada came to the U.S. with a Fulbright Scholarship to research fundamental etiological factors of illness and optimal regeneration sequences. A published author, he has over thirty years of experience working on fundamental issues of Natural Biological Medicine: Self-Regeneration processes and Self-Regulation Methodologies. He has taught at Long Island University (Friends World Program) and has led workshops and seminars throughout Europe and the U.S. Recognizing the profound link between illness, toxicity an environmental degradation, he has developed global programs seeking environmental regeneration and universal healthcare. He has forged the code: Return to the Garden, as the main catalytic instrument for the regeneration of the Human Being and Society, and their transformation toward genuine Optimal Sustainable Development. More recently, Dr. Clarjen- Arconada was appointed part of an International Committee for the Development of Ecological Communities under the auspices of The European Union.

ENVIRONMENTAL REGENERATION = NATURAL MEDICINE (Living the Code: Return to the Ecological Garden)

This equation will focus on the Code: Return to the Ecological Garden, I have coined as the optimal catalytic course of action for the regeneration of human beings - families - communities - societies - planet earth; and the building of the new civilization of Ecological Communities.

A peaceful revolution to manifest the new civilization of Ecological Communities begins within each person, as we learn to identify the principles that operate in nature and apply them to our everyday life. The ancient Chinese ideogram: Food is Medicine constitutes the root(s) upon which we can develop natural health methods to regenerate ourselves and the environment in which we live. Let us identify and cultivate the fundamental daily practices to transform ourselves and our communities to optimal levels of health.