See also Dr. Clark Information Center - www.drclark.net – the informative website about Dr. Clark.




See also Dr. Clark Information Center - www.drclark.net – the informative website about Dr. Clark.




Dr.  Michael  Clarjen-Arconada

Natural Biological Medicine

Integral Health Center

PO Box 828, Sag Harbor, NY 11963

(305) 926 9679 (mobile) USA - US GLOBAL (631) 604 4107

(34) 656 434 443 Spain




Director of Research and Program Implementation



Coordinator East-End Clean Water Working Group

Design and implementation of a personal health program, which constitutes the fundamental base to regenerate from illnesses - disease, prevent their occurrence and develop optimal levels of health and fitness. The program begins with a thorough diagnostic assessment to ascertain the causes and origins of all health problems and illnesses. It includes Syncrometer testing in order to identify a unique profile of toxic elements, the accompanying parasites (complex organisms, bacteria, viruses, prions) and their sources. Along with other empirical data, this procedure is used as base-line data to monitor progress in the gradual discharge of toxic elements and parasites, which are at the root of every illness-disease. Advanced Protocols [for the regeneration of internal organs and systems of functioning along with the discharge of toxic elements (including the toxic loads of dental work) / parasites]  are incorporated following the seminal-breakthrough work of Dr. Clark. 

 The regeneration of the human being is addressed through an integrative methodology of natural health methods: food as medicine, plant medicine interventions (protocols) as an extension of medicinal food preparation, the cultivation of the human energy field (Zen Yoga, Tai Chi - Qi Gong) and the application of the Psychology of creativity and human potential. The approach is an East-West / North-South integration of knowledge with emphasis in simplicity and efficacy. For every illness-disease there is an equation of multiple factors operating at different levels of functioning: biological, psychological and spiritual. The personal health program incorporates interventions covering all these levels of functioning. We put emphasis on Self-Regulatory Methods of Regeneration (Self-Health).

The avoidance of toxic elements / parasites is as important as their removal from the organism. Therefore, careful consideration is given to the implementation of Clean-Ups: (A) nothing but Clean Water, (B) Clean Mouth (nontoxic-nonreactive materials in Teeth), (C) Clean Food, (D) Clean Home (nontoxic-nonreactive materials in home environment, including home cleaning and body care products).

At a biological level human beings are water and food. Food is fundamentally seeds and water. Therefore, it is critical the use of Clean – organic – unprocessed quality Foods, in unique combinations for each person; taking into consideration the current condition and constitution (metabolism) of each person, the blood type, autonomic / oxidative systems dominance, levels of metabolic activity, and other biological factors including: parasites-food synergies, toxic elements – parasites links, organism-organ polarization, food-allergy-phenolics links, and organ – food allergen (antigen) links, among other factors.

Advanced biological technology from Dr. Clark legacy is incorporated: therapeutic frequencies feeding through frequency generator / zapper, plate frequency feeding (to regenerate specific organs thoroughly) and homeography (frequency patterns of substances / organs into water), and other procedures.

Among other interventions of Natural Biological Medicine, Dr. Clark advanced protocols and procedures of multiple organs and systems regeneration (see www.naturalhealthmethods.org), are integrated in this comprehensive multi-level personal health program. The Advanced Protocols include: Primordial Regeneration Cycle (Parasite Removal – Immune Regeneration Protocols followed by Kidney-Liver Regeneration Protocols), Gastro-Intestinal Regeneration Protocol, Metal Detoxification Protocol, and others. See also Dr. Clark Information Center - www.drclark.net – the informative website about Dr. Clark.

Dr. Clarjen-Arconada has accumulated over thirty years of experience and has integrated Dr. Clark protocols and procedures since she published her first books in 1993 (The Cure for All Cancers) and in 1995: The Cure of All Diseases. Following her legacy, we have developed and in depth understanding of all her research work throughout her books leading to her last publication: The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers. We also implement the Advanced Dentistry Program following the precise guidelines that were established.

Dr. Clarjen-Arconada is thoroughly bilingual English-Spanish, fluent in French and conversant in Japanese. He is available for consultations and training sessions world-wide. He has developed a unique methodology of optimal learning / training through the internet, and patients can regenerate in the comfort of their homes with immediate support, training and supervision.

                Consultations can be held through Tel.  and/or  via FaceTime / WhatsApp / Facebook / Skype or similar platforms                                         +1 305 926 9679