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The objective is to provide personal instruction, training and supervision to individuals suffering from cancer and/or other grave illnesses. A specific number of Natural Biological Medicine self-regulated interventions are presented to be learned and applied attaining a minimal level of mastery. These self-regulated interventions are part of a group of Natural Health Methods which have been selected to solve the Equation of Cancer. These interventions with additional modifications and adjustments are applied also to regenerate from other grave illnesses.

The process starts with a series of consultations – training sessions to design and implement a personal program for each person. This catalytic program covers the following interventions:

  1. Understanding the equation of cancer: biological, psychological and spiritual factors.

  2. Biological factors: Optimal Nutrition Protocol (ONP), Parasite Removal Protocol (PRP), Immune Regeneration Protocol (IRP), Kidney-Liver Regeneration Protocol (KLRP), Gastro-Intestinal Regeneration Protocol (GIRP), Metal Detoxification Protocol (MDP). Coordination of Optimal Removal of Toxicity in Mouth-Dental (CORTMD), Home Clean-Up Tasks (HCT).

  3. Ongoing Evaluation-Assessment procedures: Water testing, General Toxicity – Parasites testing through saliva sample (Syncrometer testing), Complete Blood Analyses with additional pertinent Markers. Teeth testing for toxicity and possible radioactivity (Syncrometer testing).

  4. Psychological factors: Resolving the Internalized Conflict that produces Anger and is kept in Silence (Dr. Hammer research approach), through the cultivation of a creative attitude (Psychology of Human Potential and Creativity) and the specific regenerative-strengthening practice of Qi – Gong.

  5. Spiritual factors: Resolving the Disconnect, through spiritual practices according to the heritage and tradition of each person, particularly oriented to the Contemplation of Nature (Connection with: identifying, leaning and applying in one's life the principles that operate in Nature).

Depending upon the ability-motivation-support system of the person and the severity of the case, at least 5 or more 2-hour consultations-training sessions are usually required to obtain an adequate level of mastery (accuracy – thoroughness) in the implementation of the program.

In order to obtain an optimal level of program implementation, additional instruction is recommended in the organic food and medicinal plants preparations affecting many of the protocols mentioned above. A series of home based instructions (up to 5 or more 3-hour sessions) are recommended for optimal assimilation of knowledge, learning and implementation of the personal program.

As part of the Integral Health Center services an Advanced Biological Dentistry Program has been established following the precise guidelines established by Dr Clark, particularly in her last book: The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers. It starts with syncrometer testing of all dental materials in the dentist(s) office. It continues with complete base-line data gathering (including material data sheets from the manufacturers in order to establish a Master Comprehensive Data Base. Furthermore, it encompasses ongoing cross-validation of initial findings, plus testing additional materials used more frequently in most practices (initial master list of dental materials). The objective is to compile a master list of non-toxic / non-reactive / bio-compatible materials and methodologies, following the strict criteria developed by Dr Clark. The long-term objective is the formation of a network of dentists in the tri-state area (eventually nationwide). These dentists will have to have all their dental materials tested, and be certified by showing proficiency and mastery of the the Advanced Biological Dentistry Program (Dr Clark Methodology) through completion of a series of intensive training seminars offered

by INTEGRAL HEALTH CENTER. For independent syncrometer testing and cross-validation purposes we will continue working with Carmen Myers (CTS Originals Lab in CA) in this regard. A collaboration is being formed in connection with The Institute for Systemic Medicine and Dentistry in this fundamental undertaking in order to bring the practice of Biological Dentistry to the highest possible level [non-toxic, non-reactive, biocompatible materials, plus Advanced Protocols for Detoxification: Optimal Removal of Toxicity in Mouth-Dental Program (CORTMDP)].

Dr. Michael Clarjen-Arconada: Director of Research and Program Implementation

Dr. Clarjen-Arconada came to the U.S. with a Fulbright Scholarship to research fundamental etiological factors of illness and optimal regeneration sequences. A published author, he has over thirty years of experience working on fundamental issues of Natural Biological Medicine: Self-Regeneration processes and Self-Regulation Methodologies. He has taught at Long Island University (Friends World Program) and has led workshops and seminars throughout Europe and the U.S. Recognizing the profound link between illness, toxicity an environmental degradation, he has developed global programs seeking environmental regeneration and universal healthcare. He has forged the code: Return to the Garden, as the main catalytic instrument for the regeneration of the Human Being and Society, and their transformation toward genuine Optimal Sustainable Development. More recently, Dr. Clarjen-Arconada was appointed part of an International Committee for the Development of Ecological Communities under the auspices of The European Union.

Dr. Michael Clarjen-Arconada

Natural Biological Medicine

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